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Why use Infrared Technology?

    A picture is worth a thousand words; infrared thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualize and verify thermal performance. Infrared cameras show you thermal problems, quantify them with precise non-contact temperature measurement, and allow you to document them quickly and easily to allow fast turn-around times for you, the customer.

    Nearly everything that uses or transmits power gets hot before it fails. Cost effective power management is critical to maintaining the reliability of your electrical and mechanical systems. Today, not many would argue that infrared thermography is the most effective proven predictive maintenance technology available to quickly, accurately and safely locate problems prior to failure. Using predictive maintenance allows you to plan your shut down prior to the equipment failing. This is much more cost effective than waiting for something to fail and then scrambling to fix it as soon as possible, while paying premium prices for expedited service, etc. In June 2001, Maintenance Technology magazine reported a $4 return on investment for every $1 spent on infrared inspection. For instance, finding and fixing a poor electrical connection before a component fails can save you the much greater costs associated with manufacturing downtime, production losses, power outages, fires and catastrophic failures.

    Using infrared images to find a problem is sometimes not enough. In fact, an infrared camera image says very little about what caused the problem with an electrical connection or worn mechanical part. An IR survey without a simple, fast report to allow you to analyze the inspection results quickly provides no ability to allow you to make timely repair decisions. A thermal imaging report from Heast Seeker not only allow us to quickly locate problems, the precise temperature measurement and comprehensive thermal images instantly deliver the answers you need to understand what repair action must be taken, and when.

Our Equipment

    At Heat Seeker, we use a FLIR T200 camera. The FLIR T200 thermal imager is a new addition to the popular T-Series family of infrared cameras for building professionals. Its jam-packed with many of the features found in higher-model FLIR T-series cameras. The bright 3.5-inch display makes it easy to see temperature differences and radiation emitted from objectsconditions that signal energy waste, building envelope troubles, even electrical system and component failures!

Features include:
A new and advanced infrared camera detector that delivers sharp images.
Flexible and interchangeable optics to help you get the proper angle on your work.
An integral high-resolution visible light camera with target illuminator.
Picture in Picture Fusion provides a scalable thermal picture inside a visible-light picture.
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