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  • Pump Jacks
        - Thermal Imaging can detect mechanical problems long before failure occurs to the equipment in question. Distress would instantly be visible to the infrared camera indicating the exact location which enables quick repairs of the problem at hand before failure occurs. This photograph shows normal operating conditions of the pump showing no distress.

  • Screw Pumps
        - Thermal Imaging can show mechanical and electrical problems long before they become critical, thus providing crucial information for the client to plan required maintenance and avoid costly breakdowns. This thermogram depicts a pump under normal operating condition with heavy draw on the electrical lines under normal use.

  • Tank Levels
        - All tank levels can be quickly and safely determined in all weather conditions. Dangerous goods can be checked from a distance providing accurate information, while being safer for the operator. Sediment levels can also be determined to provide the client with information needed to plan maintenance.

* Photos compliments of FLIR

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