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Owner/Thermographer - Cliff Gerow

    Clifford Gerow is the owner of Heat Seeker Thermal Imaging Consultant. His background has lead him to the business of thermal imaging. He was born and raised in Saskatchewan so he is VERY familiar with the climatic challenges we all face in our personal and business lives. He attended university obtaining his Bachelor of Applied Science and then his Masters of Science in Advanced Forensic Investigations. His extensive, high level of forensic experience includes hands-on experience and policy development. Clifford was employed by the RCMP for 27 years, the last 10 years in Saskatchewan as a Forensic Identification Specialist. He has used thermographics in a variety of ways to aide in forensic investigations and is very familiar with the challenges and the science associated with thermal imaging.

    Clifford's forensic specialty has provided him with the scientific knowledge and experience to deliver a high quality service to his customers in the thermal imaging service. Clifford has over 10 years of experience in using photography as a scientific tool, and his trained eye is a natural at seeing what others often miss.

    In dealing with Clifford, you get many years of experience in delivering an extremely detailed and knowledgeable level of customer service, with the honesty, integrity and dependability expected of your Mounties.

    Clifford looks forward to meeting with you and discussing your thermal imaging needs and how these services can benefit you at home and in your industry to maximize your energy savings and minimize your equipment/electrical maintenance costs through preventative maintenance.

    ** Clifford is a certified inspector with the ITC.

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